Also referred to as “phantom pain,” “phantom limb” is the sensation of there actually still being a limb on the stump left after its sudden loss due to accident, disease, or other causes. At the very core of my artistic activities is exploration of such ambivalent, intermediate, gray zones, like things that do not exist yet have an existence, wakefulness and hypnosis, magic and salvation, rationality and irrationality, and the human and non-human. I probe the transformation of our bodies, perception, and awareness into something different, and the material and states involved in the process of this change.

With the aspiration of “sculpting” on the subconscious mind, I create works while applying everything from the techniques of classical sculpture constituting the conventional style of expression to video and other tools of contemporary technology.
He conducts extensive research and practice to bring a new perspective to the deconstruction of the genre of Japanese “chokoku” (sculpture), which followed a distinctive course of development after passing through stages including Buddhist statuary and modern sculpture.

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